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Incognito Braces

Not a fan of regular braces? Incognito braces allow you to correct your teeth misalignments discreetly. Incognito braces are affixed to the inside of your teeth so the front remains clear. This allows you to correct dental deformities without having to worry about the self-esteem issues that usually come with ‘train track’ braces.

Our Process

Incognito braces are much like regular braces with an exception that they are affixed to the back of your teeth.  The process for these braces is also pretty similar to the regular braces. The adjustment period can depend heavily on your specific requirements. Our dental specialist will examine your dental structure and guide you about the process.

Why Choose us

Our specialists understand how your smile can impact your self-esteem and confidence. And to ensure that you can live your life confidently, we offer myriad smile makeover procedures. Talk to one of our dental specialists today to learn more about smile makeover treatments like Incognito braces, their cost and correction period.