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Are you looking for a straighter, well-aligned smile? Invisalign could be a perfect solution for you. It is a perfect alternative to traditional braces. This method is popular among adults who want to correct their teeth maladjustments discreetly. Invisalign can be placed and removed easily so you can adjust the treatment according to your lifestyle. Invisalign are much more easy to clean and adjust as compared to the regular ‘train track’ braces.

Our Process

Your dental specialist will take the impression of your teeth and will create aligners accordingly. These aligners are thin, transparent plastic sheets that are aligned in a form of a tray. This tray settles onto your teeth and gently pushes the teeth in a position that is much more aligned with your overall dental structure.

Why Choose us

Teeth adjustment is a sensitive process and here at Precision Dental, we understand what it takes to fulfill your ‘perfect smile’ needs. In orthodontics, there are a lot of treatments that can offer substantial results. We access your dental care needs before advising a solution. Talk to one of our orthodontists and smile makeover specialists to learn more about Invisalign, its cost and treatment period.