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Root Canal Treatment

Do you have tooth infection that doesn’t go away with medication? Tooth infection is a commonly occurring dental problem that may require a comprehensive procedure like a root canal. In most cases, root canal treatment is performed to clear out the infection in the root to eliminate the pain associated with the infection and to preserve the tooth structure form further harm. Lack of treatment can damage the root and become the cause of a bigger tooth problem that may require surgery. At Precision Dental Clinic, our experts understand the underlying problems with a tooth infection and how they can become serious problems. We help patients get a permanent relief form pain associated with infection and any other forms of tooth issues that may require root clearing.

Our Process

Our dental specialist will prepare your tooth and surrounding before the treatment with local anesthesia so you can have a pain-free experience. The healing period is around 1-2 weeks and in most cases, you don’t need to take off from work. Pain associated with the root canal treatment can easily be managed through proper pain medication. Our specialists will ensure that you endure minimum discomfit and pain and go home smiling.

Why choose us

We have more than a decade of experience in helping patients preserve their teeth with root canal treatments. Sometimes infection becomes hard to handle and root clearing becomes necessary. And, with our experience, you can be assured that you receive an optimum care before, during, and after the procedure.