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Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a comprehensive process that removes decayed, damaged or infected teeth that can no longer be protected through other dentistry treatments In most cases, we avoid tooth extraction and try to find a solution that preserves the tooth structure for life. But in cases, where tooth extraction becomes necessary, our dental specialists ensure that you have a painless procedure that does not impact your daily life after the procedure.

Our Process

The process can be completed in one sitting. Over the healing period, your gum will enclose and fill in the gap; however, the missing tooth can make the other teeth shift and change the dental structure which can impact your smile. To keep the dental structure in shape, we recommend dental implants. Our specialists will help you find the right implant for your missing teeth and help you through the procedure.

Why Choose us

We specialize in tooth extraction and dental implants. Our dental experts are one of Dubai’s top-rated dental specialists with more than a decade of experience under their belt. Let us help you achieve your smile goals for a confident life! Talk to one of our specialists today and learn more about our services in this domain.