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Bleeding gums and loose teeth

Do your gums bleed often? Do you find it hard to control the bleeding? Or perhaps you feel you have a loose tooth? Loose teeth and bleeding gum could be a sign of a serious underlying problem. Gum infections or periodontal disease can cause serious damage to your teeth and gums. In worst case scenario, you may lose teeth and have bleeding gums. Bleeding gums while brushing are one of the most common signs of periodontal disease.

Our Process

We always begin with a thorough examination of your oral health to ensure that we understand the dental issue. Your dental specialist may ask you to get a couple dental X-rays before any procedure or medical treatment. X-rays help dental specialists understand the infection and its spread. After proper analysis of your dental health, our specialist will advise a treatment.

Why Choose us

Our dental hygienist works closely with you to ensure that your oral health is properly maintained to eradicate any signs of gum disease. In case patients require a comprehensive treatment for your gum problem, our hygienists work closely with our dental specialists to ensure that the symptoms are completely removed for an optimum oral health.