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Gum disease treatment

Gum Disease Treatment - Precision Dental Clinic Downtown Dubai

Periodontal (gum) disease is the infection of the tissues that support the teeth. It is mainly caused by bacteria that are found in plaque and calculus that accumulated on the teeth.

Several factors can increase the risk of gum disease, these includes smoking, chewing tobacco, illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, hormonal changes during pregnancy, ill fitted bridges and fillings that become defective.

Symptoms of gum infection may include red swollen gums, receding gums, bleeding after brushing teeth, flossing, bad breath.

Regular dental checkups are essential to prevent gum disease, as it is possible to have suffer from gum disease for years without having any symptoms.

Dr Shweta, our experienced specialist periodontist looks after our patients who have gum diseases.

The following treatments are provided in our clinic:

Periodontal Treatments (Gum Treatments)

Esthetic Gum treatment

  • Treatment of receding gums
  • Depigmentation – treatment of dark, hyper-pigmented gums
  • Gingivoplasty – reshaping of excess gum tissue
  • Gum plastic surgery – correcting the shape and look of the gums

Curative Gum Treatments- curing gum diseases

This involves a variety of procedures aimed at healing weak gums and improving the functioning of teeth. These include –

  • Treatment of bleeding gums
  • Treatment of slight to moderately loose teeth by strengthening the bone support
  • Treatment of bad breadth (halitosis)
  • Treatment of sore and itchy gums

Procedures to improve the condition of the bone before placing dental implants