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Invisalign (Invisible brace)

Dental symmetry is more than just aesthetics. Most people are not aware of this but straightening your teeth can actually enhance your oral health. With well-aligned teeth, you can easily clean your teeth without leaving spaces created by dental irregularities. Our specialists ensure that your dental structure matches your jaw and facial structure for an aesthetic alignment. What is Invisalign? Invisalign are clear aligners that are designed to function as regular braces but without the visibility of the traditional aligners. Invisalign is clear and comfortable, suited to your lifestyle. It gradually shifts the teeth to a position that is much more aligned with your overall dental structure.

Our Process

We analyze your teeth realignment requirements before advising any procedure. You are the right candidate for Invisalign if you have a dental deformity or irregularity that affects your smile. Invisalign can correct both small and complex irregularities. Our dental specialist will help you get accustomed to Invisalign and monitor progress over time. Depending on your specific dental requirement, your specialist will suggest the time period for correction.

Why chose us

Orthodontic procedures require attention to detail and tremendous knowledge and experience in order to create a flawless result. Our dentists have been performing cosmetic procedures for the past decade, which has given us the expertise we need to help you create a perfect smile that supplements your confidence. Talk to one of our specialists today and learn more about our services and their costs. Our consultants will guide you regarding the procedures and their preparation.