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Orthognathic Surgery

Jaw deformities can impact your self-esteem and reduce your jaw function. We offer a comprehensive solution for jaw deformities that aim at correcting and aligning the jaw with the rest of the face and the dental structure. Orthognathic Surgery is aimed at patients who experience severe jaw deformities that cannot be corrected through other methods. In order to ensure that you are the right candidate for Orthognathic Surgery, our specialists will conduct a complete examination before advising surgery. The surgery requires substantial healing time, so it is best that you talk to your surgeon before the surgery and learn about the healing and time and cost.

Why Choose us

Complex dental operations like Orthognathic Surgery require careful consideration of various factors. Our years of experience and expertise in this area equip us to handle complexities that may arise during or after the procedure. Talk to one of our specialists today to learn more about complex dental procedures and how they help you restore your facial, jaw and dental structure.