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Teeth Whitening

A tooth staining is a common problem. It can leave your teeth discolored and stained which can impact your smile and self-confidence. Tooth enamel can be of various colors; it is not same for every individual. In addition, with time, your enamel can lose its natural color. We specialize in helping individuals regain their original enamel color with a brighter smile that enhances your confidence and boosts self-esteem. You can be a good candidate for teeth whitening if:
  • You have a pale teeth color that runs in the family
  • You have discoloration related to a tooth injury
  • You have been taking medication that has impacted your enamel color
  • You use tobacco, coffee, and tea on a regular basis
If you are not happy the way your teeth color looks, let us help you brighten it with quick teeth whitening treatments that can be performed in a visit.

Our Process

There are a number of options available for teeth whitening. Based on your dental evaluation, your dental specialist can recommend whitening toothpaste, home-use teeth whitening kits or treat your teeth with in-office teeth whitening treatment. We analyze your requirements before recommending a procedure. In most cases, we perform in-office teeth whitening treatment and give patients a home whitening kit that they use in the near future to ensure the color remains. In addition, our specialists will guide you how to keep the newly whitened teeth protected from future staining.

Why choose us

Teeth whitening is a crucial component of Hollywood Smile Makeover. Our experts ensure that you receive an optimum treatment that eliminates the teeth discoloration and helps you regain the white color that you always wished for. Our teeth whitening treatments are geared towards helping you remove the stains that impact your self-esteem. Call us today and learn more about our teeth whitening procedures.